Review: The Mysterious Vanishment of Pobby & Dingan, Tobacco Factory Theatre

20 11 2012

Much of the best elements of childhood are to do with imagination, and it is imagination that forms the heart of The Mysterious Vanishment of Pobby & Dingan, a tale of a brother and sister from a poor mining community in the Australian outback who go on the hunt for Pobby and Dingan, sister Kellyanne’s best friends who just happen to be invisible.

Written by Finegan Kruckemeyer, a multi-award-winning young Australian playwright, and based on the short story by Ben Rice, this production of Pobby & Dingan is by Bristol’s own Travelling Light Theatre Company, most recently seen at the Tobacco Factory with last year’s Christmas production Cinderella.

Kellyanne’s big brother Ashmol hates Poppy and Dingan, until they are lost and a chain of events is set off which brings their entire isolated community together.

On a simple set designed by Katie Sykes, where characters spent much of their time either sitting on or loitering around a sofa, director Craig Edwards kept the stagecraft very straightforward as just two actors played a variety of disparate characters.

Vic Llewellyn as Ashmol and Jordan Whyte as Kellyanne were both superb, switching in an instant from childhood innocence to adult malice, the mood often conveyed by just a few notes of the double bass or other assorted instruments of Ron Phelan.

The Mysterious Vanishment of Pobby & Dingan is on at the Tobacco Factory Theatre for today and today only until it continues its tour. Click here for more information.



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