Pub of the week: The Swan

21 11 2012

In the Swan in days of yore, there were activities not strictly above board. Saturdays used to see horseracing on a television in the corner, with a bookmaker taking money from regulars many of who were smoking. Those days of yore were only about two months ago, before this Barton Hill pub got taken over by the owners of the Volunteer Tavern in Old Market.

It will be a difficult journey for the Swan to encourage a customer base now the locals that used to populate here have lost many of the (illegal) reasons why they used to come, but the Volly is now a popular pub after a slow start so the signs are good.

I saw for myself how difficult it will be for the pub’s new owners on Saturday afternoon, as an old regular came in and proceeded to list off a dozen names of people he knows who would like to see Guinness on tap.

So there is no Guinness, yet. Nor is there television, so no horseracing. The two ales currently on tap are Wickwar’s Bob and Cotswold Way, with Smooth also on draught.

The Swan is a two-room pub separated by the bar. Records from the Beatles to The Sound of Music decorate the walls, and this is the only pub I know in Bristol with music played on vinyl, on a 1960s turntable.

The Swan, 11-13 Morley Street, Barton Hill, Bristol, BS5 9NB



3 responses

21 11 2012

Gotta be worth a gander.

23 11 2012
Jess (@BlackDogDays)

The Bag Of Nails in Hotwells have a vinyl-only policy.

18 03 2013

The blogger did give my pub a kind review a year before this one, but I suspect that he didn’t realise that we only play music on vinyl.

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