Hall & Woodhouse, Portishead

24 11 2012

Let’s be honest; I only visited Hall & Woodhouse, overlooking the marina at Portishead, out of curiosity to see what a bar and restaurant built out of shipping containers looks like. So everything else was a bonus, and what a bonus. This is a seriously good new opening, and judging by how busy it was yesterday afternoon, exactly the kind of opening that Portishead needed.

From one side, Hall & Woodhouse looks like it is completely built out of containers, or “cans” if you are a fan of The Wire season two.

The aim of the design is to pay homage to Portishead’s industrial marine heritage, but nobody working here when it was a busy port could ever have visualised containers being used for such a purpose as private dining rooms, thankfully with one side removed to ensure a view rather than claustrophobia.

Portishead’s industry is not quite history yet, with Hall & Woodhouse currently surrounded by a building site as even more new flats are constructed. A few builders walked in from the end of their shifts yesterday still wearing their hard hats.

It is quite a contrast to its sister venue among the grandeur of Bath, but there are also many similarities, especially the decor, which has an almost identical but much smaller feature display of items such as Ambosia, Dorset Cereals and Heinz Baked Beans.

Other touches include metal kegs of beer with upholstered seats, Persian rugs, and floor to ceiling glass. Local history buffs will enjoy information on the walls about the National Nautical School and Portishead Radio.

Hall & Woodhouse are a Dorset brewery who brew Badger, and their beers are well represented, with Badger, Tanglefoot and Pickled Partridge on tap and plenty of others in bottles. The cider on tap is Stowford Press.

Not just a bar and restaurant, with a selection of food from soup and baguettes to fish pie with lobster sauce, Hall & Woodhouse also contains 24-hour facilities for those who own boats in the marina, with showers, toilets and a laundry.

Not bad at all for a few shipping containers.

Hall & Woodhouse, Chandlery Square, Portishead, BS20 7DF. 01275 848685.




One response

24 11 2012

Gotta be worth a try. BTW I enjoyed the history tour you told us about. See http://www.bristolbelief.com

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