Rubicon Too

2 12 2012

Rubicon is the latest business to try to make a success of a prime corner site on Cotham Hill which should fare better than its recent history would suggest. The second opening from the cafe with its original home on Chandos Road, it follows in the footsteps of Mud Dock, expanding into new premises almost within spitting distance of their original home.

Formally Mangia Mangia, and before that La Boheme, this site is blessed by one of the largest pavement areas in this part of town and is a sun trap in the summer, although at the moment many would prefer to be wrapped up nice and cosy indoors, and Rubicon Too offers a warm and homely welcome.

It actually feels like it has been here for years, rather than weeks, with warm orange painted walls and two antique chairs in the window that look more like thrones.

The feel when I visited after sunset earlier this week was one of wine bar rather than cafe. They are only open until 6.30pm, but this is a business that might flourish if granted an alcohol license.

For the time being, it is serving typical posh cafe fare, ciabattas, jacket potatoes and paninis, as well as three different varieties of hot chocolate and chocolate miniatures made in the Chandos Road cafe.

The relaxed vibes were helped with the iPod’s pleasingly eclectic choice of music from Take That to Outkast, in a cafe that should hopefully well outlast its predecessors.

Rubicon Too

Rubicon Too, 22 Cotham Hill, Cotham, Bristol, BS6 6LA.



One response

2 12 2012

There used to be a distinctively average antique shop there too.

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