Bristol quiz of the year 2012

31 12 2012

In this period between Christmas and New Year, where there is only so much food you can make from turkey and you have guessed one charade too many, what better way to pass the time than with a quiz? So here, especially for you, is a quiz of Bristol happenings in 2012.

The first person to email all the correct answers to wins a pat on the back and a coffee of your choice, as long as it’s a flat white.

Kamal the lion1) The Spiegeltent hosted a variety of events this month. It was built in 1912 in which country?
a) Belgium
b) Holland
c) Germany

2) Which Bristol brewery makes the Slapstick Festival ale?
a) Bristol Beer Factory
b) Arbor Ales
c) Dawkins

3) What was the name of Bristol Zoo’s male lion (right) who died this year?
a) Kamal
b) Jamal
c) Lamal

4) Which pub did Bellowhead play in after their gig at the Colston Hall?
a) The Ship
b) Colston Yard
c) The Drawbridge

5) How many hours did the Bristol Improvathon at the Bristol Old Vic last?
a) 20
b) 30
c) 40

6) Which anniversary did Upfest celebrate this year?
a) 5th
b) 10th
c) 15th

7) What business is not based at Wild at Heart on Broad Street?
a) Teeth whitening
b) Shoe shining
c) Guitar tuning

8) What could be balanced upon this year on the first floor at the Arnolfini?
a) Dogs
b) Bogs
c) Logs

Cross harbour ferry9) What is the name of Bristol’s cross-harbour ferry (right)?
a) Mary Brunel
b) Mark Brunel
c) Martin Brunel

10) Which Bristol restaurant now has a second home at the Old Vic?
a) Flinty Red
b) Runcible Spoon
c) Za Za Bazaar

11) A festival favourite seen at Brisfest, part-club part-hairdresser, opened on Stokes Croft this year. What is it called?
a) Lamb bhuna
b) Shambarber
c) Ali Baba

12) A cinema in a what appeared in the Parlour Showrooms on College Green during the Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival?
a) An igloo
b) A sauna
c) A hot tub

13) A new book revealed that Banksy played in goal for which Bristol football team?
a) The Easton Cowboys
b) The St Paul’s Pirates
c) The Clifton Cavaliers

14) In what former building of Bristol’s New Gaol did Mud Dock Deli open?
a) The governor’s residence
b) The workshop
c) The stables

Georgie Twigg15) Bristol University graduate Georgie Twigg (right) won a bronze medal at which sport in the London Olympics?
a) Cycling
b) Athletics
c) Hockey

16) How much money was estimated to have come to Bristol directly from The Lion King’s three-month run at the Hippodrome?
a) £1m
b) £3m
c) £6m

17) What was the Sebastian Cow?
a) A cow
b) A pie
c) A pantomime villain

18) Which pop starlet headlined the Jubilee Concert at Cribbs Causeway?
a) Pixie Lott
b) Lily Allen
c) Alesha Dixon

19) Which former Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer appeared in Calendar Girls at the Bristol Hippodrome?
a) Flavia Cacace
b) Camilla Dallerup
c) Ola Jordan

DJ Derek20) DJ Derek (right) was awarded the Lord Mayor’s Medal this year. He is also well-known for visiting every single what in the UK?
a) Wetherspoon’s
b) Starbucks
c) Beefeater

21) What is the name of the new Wow Gorilla who was on display inside Stanfords on Corn Street?
a) Maporama
b) Maporilla
c) Maporilliant

22) Where did 10 drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci go on display?
a) Bristol Museum & Art Gallery
b) Spike Island
c) The Royal West of England Academy

23) Who made a guest appearance at the Bristol premiere of Aardman’s Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists at Cinema De Lux in Cabot Circus?
a) Hugh Laurie
b) Hugh Grant
c) Grant Shapps

24) What was the name of the dance music festival that took place on College Green in June?
a) Love Saves the Day
b) Love Saves the Afternoon
c) Love Saves the Evening

25) Bristol Ice Rink closed this year. In what year did it open? 
a) 1956
b) 1966
c) 1976

Bonus question: Name Bristol’s 15 mayor candidates (13 of who are below)

Bristol mayor candidates



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