Vivi in Stile in Bristol

2 01 2013

“Here’s £100,” says Peroni.

“Thank you,” says I.

“Please spend it on our new app,” says Peroni.

Vivi in Stile Bristol planetarium

“As you wish,” says I.

And so there I was, with free money in one pocket and a smartphone in the other, letting a premium brand of Italian lager guide me around Bristol.

The app is called Vivi in Stile and aims to be “your guide to enjoying life in style. Use the guide to uncover hidden gems in your city and keep in the know about the most stylish places to be seen.”

I would wager that I know Bristol well enough so as to not need guiding from pub to restaurant to bar with the need of electronic help.

For those new to the city, however, or wanting to explore its hidden gems, other than using this very website you are currently reading, Vivi in Stile would be a very helpful companion and guide.

My starting point was Anchor Road and with the app working via GPS, the closest idea it gave me was Aqua.

It was also the first indication that the app was attempting to have some kind of personality rather than just stating bold facts, describing the Welsh Back restaurant as “not quite the Riviera but the clientele here have probably experienced the real deal anyway”.

The furthest away by several miles is Marco Pierre White Steakhouse, Bar & Grill in Congresbury. Clifton is unsurprisingly well-represented, whereas the Gloucester Road virtually does not exist.

Vivi in Stile Bristol drinks

Most of the suggestions are in the city centre, and vary from Cafe Kino on Stokes Croft (a “healthy homemade joint in Bristol’s charming bohemia) to the second floor bar at Harvey Nichols (“afternoon champagne tea is a must”).

Its choices are surprisingly varied, if slightly lacking a theme and not possessing the exclusivity that the Peroni brand attempts to exude. But the descriptions are pithy and the photographs next to each suggestion make them doubly tempting.

If you don’t already have the knowledge yourself, or a well-connected friend in Bristol, then Vivi in Stile is the next best thing, apart from your favourite culture-themed blog of course.

Click here to download Vivi in Sile for iPhone or click here to download the app for Android.





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