My Bristol favourites: Steve Parkhouse

13 01 2013

Steve Parkhouse is director of Jelli Records and concert manager at St George’s, where from Friday to Sunday he will once again be programming the Bristol Acoustic Music Festival which in its 10th anniversary year features acts including  Poppy Perezz,  The Weary Band and Magnus Puto.

This year’s festival is raising money for Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal. For more information, visit

Here are Steve’s top-five Bristol favourites:

“So diverse with its shows and for its massive support for local Bristol music. Bristol presenters for Bristol people. Lots of local news and information. FM in the Bristol area or worldwide on the internet.”

Colston Hall
“Love it or hate it, the Colston Hall is steeped in musical history. I saw my first ever live music concert here back in the day (Deep Purple for the record). It is now run by the Bristol Music Trust which is slowly but surly beginning to support the local Bristol music scene as well as looking at refurbishing the main hall in the near future.”

Eastville Park
“Bristol has some great parks and public spaces. Eastville Park just on my doorstep is a great place to go for a walk, jog, feed the ducks or just chill out in. It links to the walkway to Snuff Mills and beyond and is just a great area in which to spend a day.”

Bristol harbourside
“So much improved in the last 10 years. Strolls along the Floating Harbour and New Cut, ferry boats, cafes, the Watershed, Arnofini and so much more including that wonderful Bristol jewel, the Harbour Festival.”

Bristol people
“Most people I meet and work with in Bristol are helpful, friendly and polite. We also seem to be proud of our great city. And we now have a mayor as well who is passionate about the city.”

Bristol Harbour Festival Cascade Steps crowd



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