Sainsbury’s bid for Memorial Stadium approved

17 01 2013

Sainsbury’s are one step closer to building a new supermarket and housing on Bristol Rovers’ Memorial Stadium in Horfield after city councillors approved the development by six votes to three following a three hour meeting which was watched on a live stream by football fans at the Mem.

Rovers chairman Nick Higgs described yesterday as “the biggest day in the club’s history”, as the selling of the stadium, subject to final decision by the government, will enable Rovers to fund their proposed move to a new site at Frenchay.

But campaigners against the plans claim they will have a detrimental impact on Gloucester Road businesses, air quality and traffic congestion.

The proposed Sainsbury's

Flats at the new Sainsbury's

Homes at the new Sainsbury's

Access to the development from Alton Road



One response

17 01 2013

Well I for one think this is a sad day. Coming from a family of independent traders, and not giving two shits about football, I think this can only harm the joyous high street that is Gloucester Road.
Do we need more supermarkets? I don’t know if the local residents are crying out for another homogenised shopping experience, as I live at the other end of town (coincidentally, near the City ground, which Sainsbury’s also want to buy, which will ruin North Street, even though there is a massive Sainsbury’s 10 minutes walk away)
I don’t want to call the councillors honesty into question here, but Big Supermarkets seem to have way too much power. Way too much.

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