Punny business in Bristol

21 01 2013

Inspired by this article on the BBC News website last week, asking whether puns are “the lowest form of wordplay, or an ancient art form embraced by the likes of Jesus and Shakespeare”, we took to Twitter to find the best punning businesses in Bristol. Here are the top-10, in alphabetical order:

  • Aimee’s Wine House, Stoke Bishop
  • Bear Grillz, The Bear Pit
  • The Cod Almighty, Southmead
  • Curl Up & Dye, Kingswood
  • The Dental Touch, Cotham
  • Happy Tat, Stokes Croft
  • Jason Donervan, Clifton
  • Mocha Focha, Bristol-based festival coffee van
  • Royce Rolls, St Nic’s Market
  • Smiley’s Plaice, Bedminster

Aimee's Wine House

Thanks to @_wiseopinions_, @OllyPrego1, ‏@Souterain, ‏@dconfusion, ‏@JaseHoffman, @KBorgeat, ‏@Rosemarino1, @MarkTaylorFood, ‏@simplesimonj, @RachelKinchin,‏ @GloucesterRdWI, @trunky_bristol, ‏@Muffin_Ch0ps, ‏@Spikey_Pikey, @DorisSkull, ‏@sophie2gould, ‏@paulpukka, @tim_lock, ‏@jessicabateman and @sophie2gould.



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