Two new lion cubs at Bristol Zoo

24 01 2013

Bristol Zoo have revealed that two male lion cubs called Kamran and Ketan have been hand-reared since November after the lioness Shiva began “mis-mothering” her offspring following the death of their father Kamal. The zoo say that the removal of the cubs was a difficult and rare decision and is only ever done as a last resort.

Bristol Zoo lion cubs

Both cubs are part of an important future breeding programme, and with only a few hundred Asiatic lions left in the wild, their own survival was crucial for the survival of their species.

A dedicated team of five keepers are currently hand-rearing the cubs, with the need prevent the pair from becoming too attached to humans.

So the keepers have to make sure they treat Kamran and Ketan the way that their mother would when they handle them.

This involves picking them up by the scruff of the neck and brushing them with a coarse brush, which replicates them being licked by a coarse lioness tongue, ensuring they go on to be a fully functioning social animal.

As the cubs are still very young, they cannot yet be seen by visitors, but can be watched via a video link shown on a screen at the front of the lion enclosure.

Bristol Zoo lion cubs



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