Bus demo hijacked by politicians

3 02 2013

A demonstration against First, their high fare prices and poor service took place outside Bristol Bus Station yesterday. But rather than a chance for the public to vent their feelings, it became a forum for politicians from all sides to queue up and compare just who thought transport in Bristol was the poorest.

Among the demonstrators, who were welcomed by First regional director Justin Davies and told not to block the entrance to the bus station, were local and national politicians from all parties and persuasions.

MPs Charlotte Leslie (Conservative), Kerry McCarthy (Labour) and Stephen Williams (Lib Dem) joined councillors Mark Bradshaw (Labour) and Jon Rogers (Lib Dem), and would-be councillor Rob Telford (Green).

Former mayoral candidate Rogers was even heckled by Labour flunkies as he gave an impassioned speech. One protester took to the megaphone to protest not at First but at the appearance of all the politicians.

Back to the point of the protest, and the consensus among most who had turned up with homemade placards and banners was that Bristol needed an integrated transport authority and that bashing First was not the answer to the city’s problems.

First Bristol bus demo



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