My Bristol favourites: Emily Rose

3 02 2013

Emily Rose is a Bristol comedienne and singer-songwriter will be putting on a special performance of her new one-woman musical Confessions of a Rabbi’s Daughter next Sunday, February 10, at 5pm in the Bristol Fringe (formally the Greyhound pub) on Princess Victoria Street in Clifton.

Here are Emily’s top-five Bristol favourites:

The Bristol Fringe other fantastic fringe theatres
“Bristol is filled to the brim with wonderful culture, but where would this culture be without the supportive venues? I am so thankful to Sylvie Dagallier for the free hire of the lovely little theatre at the back of the Bristol Fringe. It’s such a great space and a blessing for my musical; the other comedy, music and drama performances that happen there on a daily basis; and Clifton Village for having its own brilliant little theatre. Venue owners like Sylvie help make Bristol such a great place for the arts. My other favourite pub theatre is the Wardrobe Theatre at the White Bear; it’s just such a brilliant space, with some rather scary wall decorations.”

Oppo and other Bristol comedy nights
“Bristol is a great place to stumble into comedy, both as performer and audience member. Coming from London, it is laughable to think of evenings like Oppo and Comedy at the Wardrobe Theatre, where you can watch nationally acclaimed comedians be awesome for under a fiver. As a performer, it is the most supportive and inspiring place to be. Mark Olver and Matt Ewins seem to be the godfather and his nephew of comedy in Bristol. They work hard to give people their first steps in comedy, chances to stumble around a bit and then casually meet the sprinters for inspiration. Comedy can seem scary so it’s great to be greeted by warm-hearted hilarious human beings.”

This beautiful city
“My local gym is the Clifton Suspension Bridge, my commute into town includes the breathtaking view from the top of Park Street and, if I can’t be bothered to go into any of the endless amounts of Bristol galleries, Stokes Croft is my favourite art gallery. It is difficult to have a bad day in a city that just looks so good.”

The Jewish community
“Confessions of a Rabbi’s Daughter touches on the stifling North London Jewish community; where so many seem to blend into a mass of similarities. The Bristol Jewish community may be tiny compared to London. However, it is diverse, friendly and disproportionately cultural, thus incorporating the best features of the general Bristol community. It would be Bristol where the Jewish cultural institute, DAVAR, has to turn away people from it’s sold-out film screenings, where the Liberal Rabbi visits the Orthodox Rabbi’s house for Shabbat dinner (the Friday night Sabbath meal), and where Falafel King seems to be the hub of Jewish socialising (small villages have the Post Office; we have the Falafel).”

Jemima Rose and other Bristol boutiques
“Bristol is great for shopping. I love walking into all the independent boutiques and feeling the love, care and personalities of the owners. Jemima Rose in the Clifton Arcade is a personal favourite now as I am a disorganised person. Whether it’s two days before a wedding or the day before my graduation, I will suddenly realise that I have nothing practical to wear (I’m talking serious practical implications). I walk into Jemima Rose in a panic and squeal my problems at her as she pulls out a vintage gem that fits my budget and me perfectly. Her spirit also seems to add a glow to the garments as you walk out with the memory of this softly-spoken lady who helped you choose outfits with childlike excitement; always seeming bordering on tears either with worry that you may not find the right dress or with joy when you come out looking like a princess. With Jemima’s optimism and best wishes, I leave feeling ready to face the battles ahead of me.”

Emily Rose



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