My Bristol favourites: Heg Doughty

17 02 2013

Heg Doughty is lead singer of Heg & The Wolf Chorus, who are playing at The Birdcage on February 22. The band, who formed from graduates of Dartington College of Arts, all live in Bristol. Heg often finds inspiration in her songwriting from her own family tree, telling stories passed down through her ancestry.

Here are Heg’s top-five Bristol favourites:

The Harbour
“Bristol Harbourside is a place that always captures my imagination. With a love for boats and an affinity for writing songs about the sea, I try to visit as often as I can. I particularly like to fantasise about sailing the ss Great Britain out on a great sea adventure! It’s a great part of the city and I would recommend grabbing a drink on Under the Stars; a perfect way to take in the Harbourside.”

The Grain Barge
“While I’m on the subject of boats, I couldn’t continue without giving The Grain Barge a mention. We have gigged there many times and always come away feeling great. Promoter and sound engineer Kit McKenzie always does an amazing job and helps create a hub of excitement down in the Hold Bar. The Grain Barge will always be our home gig.”

The Gallimaufry
“Gloucester Road boasts many a good place to get your obligatory eggs Benedict hangover cure, but The Galli is by far my favourite. With artwork on the walls by Tom Mead and Dave Bain, it’s a really a great place to have a drink and listen to some new and interesting music.”

Bridge Valley Road
“Its name sounds like something from a fairytale, which might be half the attraction. On a glowing twilight in summer, drive down here from Clifton for the most beautiful view. As you descend down the winding road the Avon Gorge beneath emerges and Clifton Suspension Bridge towers above. I absolutely love to drive this route.”

DIY and independence
“Bristol has a sort of unspoken ethos that praises do-it-yourself projects and independence from the corporate world. For me this was a massive pull for choosing to live here rather than London or any other city. The city is busy with creative thinkers and it’s a place I’ve really been able to thrive as a musician. Some of my favourite independent shops include Gardners Patch greengrocers, Fox and Feather clothes shop and Scoop Away health foods on Gloucester Road; Artrageous and the Children’s Scrapstore in St Werburgh’s; and online bookbinders The Paper Garden.”

Heg & The Wolf Chorus



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