My Bristol favourites: Daniel Humphry

3 03 2013

Daniel Humphry is the founder and editor of Off Life, the UK’s only street press comic magazine which is currently distributed around Bristol and London. Only on its third issue, the free magazine has already built up enough critical momentum to be invited to an event at the Design Museum, where on Friday night they hosted their speed sketching challenge Quick Draw.

Here are Daniel’s top-five Bristol favourites:

Brandon Hill
“Considering the size of Brandon Hill, it’s surprising how many people in the city aren’t aware it even exists. While it boasts the best views in Bristol, there’s also enough open space for sports and plenty of tucked away corners for more nefarious deeds. I’ve never figured out how they’ve gotten away with calling it a nature reserve though?”

The Mardyke pub
“You can’t beat the Mardyke on Hotwell Road for sheer wealth of characters. I once saw a man drag a cat to the bar while asking if anyone had lost a stray, only to be reminded that it was dogs who stray and cats who roam free. He hurled the cat out the door and ordered a Natch in the same breath. You don’t get that in Start the Bus.”

Sitting outside the Arnolfini in the summer
“Is it a bit pretentious? I don’t know. Maybe. But watching the sun set over the Floating Harbour while drinking a can of Thatchers Gold and bumping into friends you lost over the winter is a staple of Bristolian summers. No doubt at 8pm some dick will ruin it by throwing empty beer cans at ducks. But hey, it’s Bristol.”

Thekla or Louisiana or Croft or Fleece or… well you get the point
“While plans for a new indoor arena are welcome news in Bristol, we shouldn’t forget that the lack of a big, shiny, corporate nightmare allows smaller venues in the city to regularly punch above their weight and put on some of the best touring bands around. I can’t imagine that an arena will pull any of the loyal crowds from these fine venues but regardless, we’ve got it golden right now.”

Bristol’s DIY publishing scene
“Admittedly I’m pretty biased here, but in the last three years independent publishing within the city has exploded. Whether it is Crack’s assault on the music press, the small press illustration out of the Bear Pit, Photographique’s Vignette magazine or even Bristol Culture itself – people here just seem to get on with it. That all of these publications are started with noble intentions is an added bonus. Hopefully Off Life can add to this growing tradition and no doubt others will soon be hot on our heels.”

I am totally going to climb that thing



One response

3 03 2013
Crazy Golfer

He hurled the cat out the door and ordered a Natch in the same breath. You don’t get that in Start the Bus.”

Frankly if this doesn’t happen in STB then great, you’re not really selling the Mardyke to me with these dubious acts of animal cruelty. I think you are confusing drunk cider twats with ‘characters’ – they are different.

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