Pimp my BRI

7 03 2013

The Queen’s Building at the BRI has to be not just one of the ugliest buildings in Bristol but also in the whole of the UK. Unloved by all, the façade will be receiving a much-needed facelift as part of the hospital’s redevelopment. The six designs below are on show today from 10am to 7pm at the hospital trust’s Education & Research Centre on Upper Maudlin Street.

Antoni Malinowski - Colour Clouds

Daniel Buren - The Great Facade

Luke Jerram and Arup - Flow

Nieto Sobejano - Vell

SO-IL Light and Air

Tham and Videgard - Vertical Garden



4 responses

7 03 2013

Anywhere official we can vote on these? My preference is for the 3rd image from the bottom

7 03 2013
7 03 2013

No 1 gets my vote as its the only one that actually looks like it will when installed.. I love the use of muted coloured glazing as an accent to the concrete. I think it would be a subtle upgrade that retains the original design of the BRI.

CGIs of white glowing walls are always fantasy, the real deal will soon be tarnished by exhaust fumes!

7 03 2013
Adam S

I don’t think any of these are greatly appealing. Anything translucent and glowing on a CGI mock-up will look terrible after 2 years in real-life, the coloured one looks tacky and the only decent idea is having vines or some kind of greenery on the front, that part of Bristol is seriously lacking in any green space or natural textures.

I shan’t be voting for any of them.

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