An open letter to Table Pouncer

12 03 2013

Dear Table Pouncer,

It has come to my attention that you are using copyrighted photographs from Bristol Culture of the interior and exterior of The Dining Rooms on your website, in promotional materials and online advertising.

I hope that you don’t think you can get away with such skulduggery, but…

Read more about the open letter to table pouncer on the new Bristol Culture website



21 responses

12 03 2013

I am impressed Martin, excellent choice of charity.

12 03 2013
Peter Enis

What a complete jobsworth twat

12 03 2013
Hugo Drayton

What a fantastic idea this TablePouncer website is! Top restaurants don’t want empty tables, so they advertise them on TablePouncer with discounts of up to 50% off the total bill. And you simply book the tables easily and securely on the TablePouncer website! Brilliant idea!

12 03 2013

Dear Hugo, What a great supportive comment for Table Pouncer. And what a happy coincidence that its chief exec Patrick Knight also founded InSkin Media where your name links to.

12 03 2013
Marcus Deglos

Superlative-filled comment with unbridled admiration for a company? Couldn’t *possibly* be a corporate shill, could it?

12 03 2013

I think “in-house general council” deserves a (sic) too.

13 03 2013

Could someone help me out with a couple of details regarding Table Pouncer’s letter?

Firstly, I am assuming that the ‘ti (sic)’ is a reference to an error in Martin’s letter. I cannot find this error anywhere and it’s driving me crazy, where is it?!

Secondly, I was under the impression that use of copyrighted material without the owner’s permission is illegal whether you ‘stole’ the material yourself or whether someone else gave it to you. If someone gave you a pirated DVD that doesn’t give you the right to watch it legally, just because you did’t pirate it yourself.

Surely Table Pouncer has the same responsibility as everyone else to make sure that they are not using prohibited materials on their website? The Dining Rooms may have told you that they took the photos themselves, but clearly that is not the case.

Finally I cannot find any part of Martin’s letter which accuses anyone of stealing anything. He is asserting that Table Pouncer is using his photos without permission which is a demonstrable fact. I am no legal expert but I am fairly confident in my understanding of the word ‘slanderous’ and Martin’s letter does not seem to fit the bill.

It’s strange how many companies don’t seem to realise that a massive over-reaction creates much more negative publicity than whatever it is that got them worked up in the first place ever did.

13 03 2013

Go Martin!
Strange response by Chief (EO Media) Pouncer, not only fundamentally flawed but also misses a great opportunity for cheap advertising. I’d never heard of TablePouncer, looks like a decent idea but staying well away now!

14 03 2013

Why because some unsuccessful small time blogger claims some mediocre images are his!? Hardly a reason not to use them! They have been removed they are that insignificant. Now this blog will plunge back down the depths of the google search engine

14 03 2013

Why on Earth does this wind you up?

15 03 2013

Which Google search engine are you using Millie? Bristol Culture is normally very near the top when I search for Bristol related things!

And if you are that disdainful of this blog why are you reading it?!

15 03 2013

You seem to have misunderstood my point, let me elaborate;
Accidentally using a photo to which you don’t have permission of the copy-write holder isn’t something which I would view particularly negatively. CEO reacting to someone pointing this out with false threats of slander to a “small time blogger” is enough for me to avoid them.
Storm in a tea-cup really, not quite sure why everyone is getting so worked up about it!

13 03 2013
James Hutchins

This thread is hilarious! Seems some people really do have too much time on their hands. Not exactly crime of the century and people are talking about this company like they’re responsible for the BP oil slick. Jeez, get a life! When all is said and done it actually does seem to be quite a good idea. Makes a change to all the terrible deals on Groupon!

14 03 2013

Failing to ask whether it could be used is silly but normally a short email will get it removed. But oh no…

The CEO writing an aggressive email to a blogger, passing blame to The Dining Rooms etc…is such a terrible idea, it’s hilarious. He could have emailed saying sorry, called him a **** in the office and ended it there but no, he couldn’t help biting.

The best thing about all this is that the second result on google for ‘table pouncer’ is this! 🙂

15 03 2013
Sanjit Mihal

So this is clearly a blatant attempt at antagonising a company in order to try and generate web traffic to this blog. Seen it before. Very underhanded and narcisistic by Mr Booth the blogger. I actually do hope you get sued for defamation Martin. Your comments have certainly been linked to defamatory comments by your intellectual (sic) followers.

15 03 2013

Any solicitor would laugh before saying “well you can hardly bring a clean case can you?”.

15 03 2013

Why are you putting this up on your blog? Is it not personal correspondence? An underhand move on your part.

17 03 2013

What an embarrassing response from the CEO of a company. Just give some money to charity and be done with it. Don’t blame u Martin stick to your guns.

20 03 2013

Dear Martin (if that is your ‘real’ name).

I am oftentimes remarked upon by strangers for my exorbitant choice of telemarketing garb. And this has stood me in wondrous stead for the oft’times remarked as aforementioned.

What that I would have given to be of the inflection that slander is written libel! Oh, how the joyous will contemporaneously sing the praises of the damnation.

As you may now have forsaken, my mother tongue is not in that of libel or slander, but that of the laws of the maritime. And wondering if this is indeed the case.

Would that it were not so, but alas and alack! For therein lies the rub when all is said and negated to a level such as this that we are contemporaneously seeing. Inconceivable!

I do not mean these words what you think they are to meaninglessness.

In forgoance of a traffic-related-reply – oh post haste, would that though comest faster! – I shall simply say ‘adieu’.

I hope this clarity of the system of analysis will provide more of a conclusion naturally.


(P.S. Please do not write back to me again, as I require no uncertain explanation)

25 03 2013

How much had you drunk before writing that?

11 04 2013
Canford Crinkly

This all leaves me a bit, well……….(sic)

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