Folio magazine to close next month

16 03 2013

Less than a year after the last printed copy of Venue was published, Folio – its more prim and proper older sister – will also be dying a death. When Venue was itself in its death throes, it was printed on the reverse of Folio. It now seems that new owners Local World no longer see it as a viable product.

Folio magazine - March 2013April’s issue will be Folio’s last. So no more fashion features. No more interior design features. No more wedding features.

Until the end of Venue, I never took much interest in Folio. Its content never appealed and its writing was just a bit dull.

But since Venue’s demise, a few of its former writers including Melissa Blease, Eugene Byrne and Tony Benjamin have been brought into the fold, while at the helm is former Venue managing editor Dave Higgitt. And the magazine is all the better for it and seemed in rude health.

It is understood that the Eating Out West guide, currently within Folio, will be taken on by The Post. But where is unknown, as Friday’s Weekend magazine already has several pages of food and drink coverage.



2 responses

17 03 2013

Very sad and quite worrying that so many local print magazines are dying a death!

19 03 2013
Darryl W Bullock

Some of us are still here – i.e the Spark – and some former Venue/Folio staffers are now writing for us too, but as a former contributor to both Venue and Folio I do feel terrible for my colleagues who will lose their jobs and for the severe lack of opportunities for freelance writers in the West these days.

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