Montpelier – a cool place to live

20 03 2013

Montpelier has been named by the Times as one of the coolest places in the UK to live. “Artists, musicians and right-on types” live in this Bristol suburb according to the national newspaper, which also included Stroud, Frome, Glastonbury and Montpellier in Cheltenham in its list.

“A tiny patch of streets close to the city centre and a few minutes’ walk from chichi Clifton, Montpelier has long been Bristol’s bohemian district (perhaps because it is near to St Paul’s, the centre of the city’s drugs trade).

“Montpelier itself has pretty period houses, many brightly painted, and some great cafes and bakeries. Vegetarians are particularly well catered for.”

Whether Montpelier’s proximity to Clifton makes it a cool area is up for debate, but it certainly has a justified reputation for its bohemian outlook on life.

What was not mentioned is the fact that Bell’s Diner is currently up for sale, nor that you can get stoned just by standing in the beer garden of the Old England.

The Times list was compiled by housing experts, with locations chosen for being upwardly mobile with “that certain swagger”.

Signs of cool for the purpose of the list include culture, coffee bars, gastropubs and independent shops.

Montpelier station



8 responses

20 03 2013

“a few minutes’ walk from chichi Clifton” ? If that walk is onto a bus.

20 03 2013

Or the train

21 03 2013

St Paul’s, the “centre of the city’s drugs trade”. UGH The Times..

24 03 2013
Nose in a book

Bell’s Diner is up for sale? Bummer. Best restaurant in Bristol in my opinion.

24 03 2013

No links to the original article? Interweb fail

24 03 2013

Funnily enough I read it in a real life newspaper. (Whose pay wall also precludes a link to the online article)

24 03 2013
Harvey Bikebell

time to leave, we are !

1 04 2013



I beg to differ.

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