Le Provençal Cafe

23 03 2013

Another month. Another new cafe on Cotham Hill. Le Provençal is owned by the same couple who used to run La Boheme just up the road and retains some of its former features, including French signs on the walls and a spacious outside seating area, this time in the back garden rather than La Boheme’s pavement.

Le Provencal Cafe garden

Pastries, baguettes, paninis, quiches and soups are all made in the kitchen here, with the counter almost audibly groaning under all that weight.

Unusually for a cafe, there are bar stools at one side of the counter. A reclamation yard must have rubbed their hands in glee when the cafe’s owners arrived with their cheque book, with old church pews and lots of reclaimed wood dotted around.

“Oh wow, cute!” said one customer evidently walking in for the first time and looking around her.

Le Provencal Cafe inside

On one wall, there is even the door to an old metal safe, a clue to a former business perhaps in this building.

Will saturation point be reached soon on Cotham Hill? I would be surprised if this many cafes, bars and restaurants can be sustainable for too much longer, especially with Costa just around the corner.

Provençal is a delightful new cafe with a garden that may soon become a prime spot. One just has to wonder, however, whether Cotham Hill is the right place for it to open.

Le Provencal Cafe

Le Provençal Cafe, 10 Cotham Hill, Cotham, Bristol, BS6 6LF



One response

5 04 2013

what is the number of le Provençal please?

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