Five-star hotel coming to Bristol

24 03 2013

Bristol’s first five-star hotel is being planned for the former Guildhall, which has entrances in both Small Street and Broad Street. Bath-based developers The Osborne Group have bought the historic building and is planning to spend £10m on creating the luxury hotel, with an 18-month construction programme scheduled to start early next year if planning permission is granted.

Plans include adding another two floors to the former courthouse and creating a luxury spa in the basement and a rooftop swimming pool.

Guildhall - Broad Street entrance



3 responses

1 04 2013

So what are all the music venues surrounding this area meant to do just pack up and fold? Hope the hotel considers adequate noise insulation so as not to harm the fortunes local music providers.

2 04 2013

oh great so we get another safe haven for all the high class criminals, while the poor and working classes lose there nightlife, what a wonderful world we live in!

3 04 2013

I absolutely oppose this, how dare you rip the heart out of local culture in order to impose on us a hotel that no one in the local area needs or can afford to use. This is profiteering of the worst kind with no thought or care for the community, its reputation or its traditions.

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