Review: Ghostpoet, Arnos Vale Cemetery

28 03 2013

After specially rigging the whole of a London square for a visually ground-breaking Deadmau5 gig, Nokia Lumia are taking their live music sessions beyond the M25 with a series of gigs in special locations nationwide. And locations don’t get much more special than the intimate Victorian Anglican Chapel in Arnos Vale Cemetery.

Mercury-nominated Ghostpoet was the headliner for the Bristol leg of the tour, with visuals and illuminations provided by La Blogotheque from France, who – befitting the sponsor – were recording the evening on a number of smartphones.


Strategically placed graveside lights illuminated the path to the chapel and once inside the incredibly intimate and beautiful carved interior, central stage and carefully crafted lighting gave the chapel an almost claustrophobic, womb-like feel, which made the event feel even more special for the 150 fortunate audience members.

Ghostpoet’s dubby and industrial sounds perfectly suited the surroundings; with the bass reverberating around the chapel’s ornate columns. There is a James Blake-esque quality in his paranoid and fitful music, with the only disappointment being that he wasn’t able to play for longer.

The corporate nature of the show meant that perhaps it all felt a bit over-documented, with most of the crowd spending a good proportion of the concert looking at their phones or each other rather than the performers.

But credit where it’s due: Nokia put an underutilised space to stunning use and will hopefully kick-start new events taking place in this wonderful venue.

Bristol band Towers opened the unique evening’s entertainment with big sounding intricate guitars topped beautifully with Jay Parker’s soulful diva-like vocals.

But it was the splendour and intimacy of the surroundings that were the real stars of the show.

Review by Sarah Hodson

Nokia Lumia Live Sessions



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