First Bus cancel fares consultation to instead train their drivers to be happier

1 04 2013

A swiftly deleted tweet from the official Twitter account of First Bus has revealed that the current consultation on bus fares in Bristol will be cancelled and instead, money spent on training drivers to be happier. The tweet was sent yesterday afternoon at 1.13pm but deleted shortly afterwards, presumably meaning that the announcement was not yet meant to be revealed.

First fares tweet



3 responses

1 04 2013
Chris Rose

Rubbish First Bus the drivers arnt the problem fare structure needs to be looked at.

1 04 2013

April Fools?

1 04 2013

Out of the three times I used First Bus over the sixteen years I have lived in Bristol (with only one trip getting me where I needed on time) I once had to direct the bus driver to his destination… the main Bristol terminal! Poor thing, it was his first shift from Bath and he didn’t know his way around Bristol. So folks, this is what you get when public money (subsidised from your Council Tax – bet you didn’t know that!) is poured into an ineffective private company which values its shareholders more than providing a proper public service (like the travel experience you generally get in Continental Europe). Goodness knows what the council are doing carving out more bus lanes when they should be investing in cycling infrastructure, especially when they know this is what people want. Do yourself a favour, get yourself a bike, and use it!

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