Bristol Culture is now a website!

Please visit www.bristol-culture.com

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31 12 2009

Nice idea. I’ve been doing something vaguely similar for jazz in Bristol (largely for my own benefit). Maybe worth reciprocal links if you decide to have a blogroll?



Jon Turney

12 01 2010
Peter Blackman

Hi there

Would be great if you could feature our Ignite Bristol event. All the details are on the website – http://ignitebristol.net/

At present ticket registration is going brilliantly – it’s free.

What we need more of is submissions for talks.

A shout on bristolculture will get a reciprocal one on Ignite



17 01 2010

Hi, great idea, especially for Bristol.
Wondered if you might be interested in listing my own Bristol-centric sites. I’m training for the London Marathon and been doing a blog about it for the past six or seven months at http://www.fatboybristol.blogspot.com which isn’t just about running, but a lot about Bristol too.
Also thought you may be interested in http://www.cliftonpeople.co.uk a hyperlocal website just for Clifton.
Cheers for now,

23 01 2010


well done on the blog. the more i come to explore and understand the city of Bristol – it is its’ unique and independent culture that keeps me here and draws me in. i certainly think that’s the feeling of this blog, also

me: i’m a self-taught photographer and over the last year or so i’ve been documenting my walks around bristol on my blog http://www.dontforgetthesun.wordpress.com

i shall be adding a link to your blog.

keep going

23 01 2010

Heh – only just spotted this, looks like a fine idea, best of luck with it, and ta for the blog plug 🙂

3 02 2010

Nice idea for a blog! Give me a shout if you fancy any guest posts

22 05 2010

Can you do a guest post for my website please

4 08 2010

Hello Martin,

I’m a writer and photographer that lives in Bristol. It appears we are following each other on twitter.

I like what you are doing here. Bristol has a lot to offer and it’s good to see it all down on paper…

I run my own blog – ruth-brooker.co.uk/blog
Just witterings from the lighter side of life that won’t turn into work.

Am currently compiling a blog list for my site – shall pop you on it.

All the best,

22 08 2010

Wot? BRR not on the blogroll? And it’s “7th most influential in Bristol UK” according to WeFollow – whatever that means.

You’re doing a fab job by the way. Great navigation – clear simple. straight to the (good) point.

6 09 2010
Reportage Photographer

Nice idea! Good luck with that! 😉

15 09 2010

Really nice blog! 🙂 I’ve just started a new one and have added your link to my blogroll. Would be grateful if you could return the favour. Thanks.


21 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

29 10 2010
Dan Ridsdale

Hi Martin

I like the blog.

I have something similar myself over here;


Best wishes


15 12 2010

Today is the last day of the project Still Image Moving- a touring photographic studio with Photographer Manuel Vasson. We have now accumulated a fantastic array of images of everyday and not so everyday Bristol and tonight we will be projecting them on the Old Bank of England (on the side facing Bristol bridge) 5-6.30 tonight (weds 15th). Please come down and have a look and send this on to anyone who may be interested.

21 12 2010

Hi Martin,

Do you have an Rss feed, for your blog? I think your blog is great for Bristol and would like promote more via twitter etc.

look forward to hearing from you thanks


22 01 2011
My little discoveries

I have just discovered your blog and find it great!
I have started a blog myself about similar things, but in french: http://mydiscoveries.canalblog.com ;o)

15 02 2012
Sue Fenton

Hello – can you recommend a booze cruise firm in Bristol? A friend has to organise a hen night and needs ideas for what boat firm to contact, either for an exclusive boat hire or for sharing with maybe a stag night, to add a bit of interest to the night! Thanks

23 04 2012

Great website – really glad to have found it. As a Bristol resident can I tell you about my debut book ‘Edison and the Dinosaur Zoo’ please?

17 07 2012
Lori Strong

Would love if you could feature our event on the War on Drugs and Harm Reduction told by the Directors of the PHS Community Services Society, a social service agency in Vancouver, Canada.
Thanks and hope all is well in Bristol!

20 11 2012
Matthew Montagu-Pollock

Brilliant blog, incredibly useful, I really admire the energy with which you write so much. This has become my No1 ‘go to’ place for what’s on in Bristol, and I don’t even have to click on a link, it just comes to my in-box.

Wish one could think of a way of monetizing it, but alas, the days of making a living from providing useful information seem past (though it might be worth having a tip box, or a sponsors’ roll of honour. Anything is better than the alternative, adopted by some other blogs around town, of placing paid content up front).

Anyway while you still have the energy and patience to put it out, know that there are grateful readers out there!

13 12 2012
Lin Maxwell Nicholson

Hello Martin – Just wanted to thank you for putting up this blog. Family and I are moving from Penzance to Bristol next year due to work/family commitments but we are deeply sad to leave in many ways. This blog has really helped give a sense of what Bristol is about. We are grateful and inspired – We will be back!

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