We seem not to have written much about Knowle yet on Bristol Culture.

Do you live in Knowle? What are the best things going on there? What are its best pubs, cafes and shops? Please let us know by using the form below.

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26 01 2011

There’s lots of exciting stuff happening in the Knowle area this year. Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC), on Leinster Avenue, welcomes people from across Bristol and has a range of community-based arts and media projects in the pipeline for 2011.

KWMC’s activities range from hosting arts exhibitions and running a recording studio and record label, to supporting local environmental projects and offering computer training for all and after-school clubs for young people.

KWMC works with artists from around the region and the country, most recently with pinhole photographer Justin Quinnell and musician and performer Kid Carpet. For a limited time this February, KWMC will host an immersive video installation, from resident artist Patrycja Cudak, which questions how proximity and distance can affect the way we perceive and interact with other people.

Last year KWMC hosted a retrospective exhibition of the work of George Gallop, a Bristol-born photographer who captured life in the city for almost four decades. George’s exhibition made the front page of the Evening Post. This was followed by Anyhow, Anywhere, an exhibition that used 3D timelines and iconic photographs to plot 70 years of local and national history and explore how these events affected our transformation from teenagers to adults.

KWMC is a media arts charity and limited company that aims to develop and support cultural, social and economic regeneration. For more information and a list of their latest events visit or find them on Twitter (@knowlewestmedia) and Facebook.

1 08 2011

Boswells cafe in Broadwalk (Wells Road) is an excellent chain cafe

12 01 2012
Leslie Anderson

Boswells is a lovely cafe, no doubt but if you want a really good breakfast that is value for money, or midday meal you’d be hard pushed to beat The Broadwalk cafe 2 doors down from Spec Savers.

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