We are a bit low on things written about Redfield. What are your favourite pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants? Is there anything going on in Redfield that you want to write about?

Please comment below and the best pieces will be included on the home page.

Redfield cafesGrounded

6 responses

22 02 2012
Stacy Yelland

You can find out about all things happening in Barton Hill by subscribing to Up Our Street bulletin and newsletter from Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Management. Contact

22 02 2012
Stacy Yelland

Also checkout Redfest Bristol!

4 02 2013

Thanks for these tips!

21 03 2012
Dexter Thomas

What about the lovely fruit and veg shop Dig in! Resonably priced, extremely fresh and tasty fruit and veg on sale, plus bread, cheese, milk, eggs and sauces! The staff are super friendly and often found singing! A real asset to church road.

Check them out!

4 02 2013

Thanks. Might be moving to this area in summer, nice to see some tips.

18 02 2013
John Landshoff

The Old Stillage is easily the best pub in the area, friendly staff, great beers and a cracking sunday roast.

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