Review: Hot Chip, Bristol Academy

October 15, 2012

Hot Chip have grown to enjoy playing the Bristol Academy over the last few years, and as the venue’s sponsorship changes from a lager to a phone network but inside stays resolutely the same, so does Hot Chip’s style develop but their basic premise of what Americans now called EDM – electronic dance music – stays the same.

So anonymous that band members could introduce themselves as being in Hot Chip and you still wouldn’t know who they were, since their last trip to the Academy they have acquired a female drummer, who on Monday night was pounding her drum kit like her life depended on it.

Minus the drummer, the men in Hot Chip look like a bunch of accountants, with enough electronic devices to power a nuclear power station.

The tempo was set with the very first song, Shake Your Fist, with frenetic drumming matched with epilepsy-inducing strobe lighting.

Hot Chip’s latest album is a return to top form, but they surprisingly started this gig with a few old favourites including a more beat-heavy version of Boy from School.

One Night Stand was almost unrecognisable, as near as Hot Chip and their pounding beats can get to a ballad in a swelteringly hot Academy (plus ça change) as the band advised the crowd to stand underneath the nearest air conditioning unit and one fan at the back shouted out, imploring them to play some more old ones.

He would have been delighted when Over and Over from 2006 debut album The Warning received one of the best reactions of the night, teasing with a lot of “laid backs” before launching into a refrain which could have carried on all night.

The tempo was slowed down for Look At Where We Are from this year’s newest release In Our Heads, but the downtime couldn’t last for long with tracks like How Do You Do? And Night and Day bringing things back up to speed.

It’s always a pleasure to welcome Hot Chip back to Bristol and they never fail to host hugely enjoyable live show.

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