Review: Skrillex, Bristol Academy

February 16, 2012

Sonny Moore, electronic visionary. This is new music at its most raw, so much so that the king of new music on the airwaves, Radio One’s Zane Lowe, provided warm-up DJ duties before Moore, aka Skrillex, arrived on the Bristol Academy stage.

Straddling genres, Skrillex, formally the lead singer in Californian post-hardcore band From First to Last, describes his current sound as “a mix of dubstep, electro and glitch all thrown together”.

Also a sought-after remixer of the likes of Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and La Roux, Skrillex is currently on the crest of a wave and this show at the Academy was a visceral example of just what this young man can do behind a laptop on a raised platform.

A sell-out show that will most certainly have been the best night of many fans’ lives would also have been for those not a fan of Skrillex have been like entering a layer of Hell.

It was a multi-sensory bombardment from start to finish, like being repeatedly run over by a steam train in the midst of an alien invasion during a particularly ferocious thunderstorm.

Behind Skrillex, visuals on a large screen accompanied his bone-shaking beats, while flashing strobe lights, lasers and smoke only added to the experience.

It is a sign of the times that we live in that DJs like Zane Lowe can play artists like Skrillex on daytime radio.

One of his most radio-friendly songs, Breakn’ a Sweat, came early in the evening, during a set where he interspersed his own work with some of the biggest dubstep and drum and bass tunes of the moment such as those by Nero, with a particular favourite for the Facebook generation being You Blocked me on Facebook by Knife Party.

With some on the crowd stripped off to their wastes, there was frenetic activity in the mosh pit as Skrillez’s beats became more and more filthy.

Fast and furious, raw and , Skrillex is the sound of new music in 2012.

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