St Anne’s

St Anne’s restaurantsWarren’s Gourmet Burger Company

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10 12 2011
simon williams

St Annes does have a promising new BYO restaurant/cafe, very recently opened at the bottom of Wootton Road and near the roundabout next to the Co-operative. Specialising in “gourmet” burgers and with a family menu, this could be a really big step up for St Annes culture! Not that I’m knocking good old Kim’s cafe – situated right next to the Bridge over the Avon.

15 03 2012

There is absolutely nowhere to eat or drink in St Annes apart from Beezes or the Boca bar and neither of those are in this dull suburb1

27 05 2012
dave cave

Agree that St Annes isn’t exactly the most exciting of places and the highest on the list of places to see before you die, but the riverside ‘pier’ or ‘promenade’ (formerly Board Mills wharves) near the Co-op on st Annes Road are interesting spots in Bristols , other, unknown river gorge and have potential, and there are two indian/Chinese eateries next door to the good ol’ Co-op (and a Diving gear shop that people come from miles to)

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