St George

We don’t seem to have written anything yet about St George on Bristol Culture. What are your favourite pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants? Is there anything going on in St George that you want to write about?

Please comment below and the best pieces will be included on the home page.

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19 06 2011
Steve Irwin

My wife works at the diamond cafe in the park in st. georges
I must defend her very hard work in supplying drinks and sandwhiches etc. to the very demanding public we have these days.
99 per cent of her customers really appreciate a new idea in the park.
The other 1 per cent use the tables and chairs for their own consumtion of things as though they have a right to use anything they like and then throw their litter on the floor whereas customers of the cafe use the bins which I might add are large and very easy to see!!

9 03 2012

Having only recently moved to St George on Whitehall road, i have come to experience the different cultures within the area.
I have found that the Grounded Cafe is although a little bit more expensive than other places a very nice and relaxed atmospheric place to eat and drink. It also offers live music on Sundays and Mondays which can plan for a very enjoyable evening. Of the other places in St George there is the Thai restaurant Siam, which i have yet to try but looks extremely inquisitive. And there are your mainstream takeaways one in particular ‘O My Cod’, who provide a sumptious fish and chips. Once i have lived in the area a little longer i would be more than happy to update people, but in the meantime any suggestions would be more than welcome.

18 10 2012

Cafe Grounded is amazing; the food, drink and atmosphere are 10/10. Mango Tree is a great take away, Siam Smile is delicious, Gordons offers great Jamaican food.
Church Road has plenty of charity shops full of treasure and Dig In is an outstanding veg shop – it even sells cheese!
The best thing about St George is the park, well worth a visit and now it has a cafe! You can feed the ducks, skateboard, play tennis and there’s a bowling green!
We go on great walks to Troopers Hill and down to the river to Hanham or Beese’s Tea Gardens.

18 10 2012

I strongly agree with Kate. St George is a brilliant area once you have lived there for a little while and get to know the hidden gems.
The fact that you’re SO close to the Bristol and Bath Railway Path, makes it a perfect location for anyone wanting the relatively cheaper rental prices, but wants an easy, enjoyable commute into the city.

Dig in is definitely worth a look, i buy all of my fruit and veg there. Yes they have cheese, they also have tofu, spices, and a massive array of interesting pickles, oils and sauces at the back of the shop. Really friendly staff and always surprisingly low prices.

I am yet to get at Grounded, or experience the music, however my brother went their for a pizza and could not sing it’s praises loud enough. We have a menu stuck to our fridge, i may have to get one tonight!

9 04 2013

St George is growing. I grew up here and have seen many changes. Lots for the better. There are good pubs, such a s the red lion for live music, weatherspoons for cheap food, cafe grounded gives an upmarket feel.

Quick and easy access into town, served by lots of buses, there is also a festival in St Georges Park every year (Redfest). St Georges park is beautiful, with a lake, wildlife, a park for children, tennis courts, a bowling green, and a skate board park. It is a popular place which is especially a hive of activity during summer months. On the other side there is Netham Playing fields, which although technically Redfield, is almost in St George, Netham backs onto the River Avon, and is a beautiful place for a walk.

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