Makala Cheung

30 01 2013

With Chinese New Year next week, now is an opportune time to look at the music of Makala Cheung, an artist from Knowle West whose new EP, Butterfly, is being released soon. Makala is playing at Bristol Museum’s Chinese New Year celebrations on February 9 and then at the Croft on February 11.

Previously known as Lady K, Makala is a singer, songwriter and producer who records her music at the Knowle West Media Centre.

Here is Canton Hop from the Butterfly EP:

Knowle West Health Park Cafe

23 09 2012

Salad transported on the back of a bicycle arrived at the Knowle West Health Park Cafe as I was lunching with my young daughter. Just the sort of thing that this cafe is about: fresh and seasonal food from Whisk, the company that that also runs the splendid Arnos Vale cemetery cafe.

Juices, tea, coffee, cordials, smoothies, poppy seed muffins, chocolate brownies and flapjacks were just of the items available from on and behind the counter, in a cafe that when I visited had a remarkable selection of photographs of elderly athletes competing in various athletic events.

The lunch menu has nothing for more than £5; its selection including pea and ham soup with soda bread (£3.50), and homemade beef burger with wedges and salad (£5).

The amount of wet wipes needed to clean my 18-month-old after her roast vegetable and feta pasta with garlic bread (£4) showed just how good she thought her own meal was, and from the few tastes she allowed me to have I can certainly concur.

My own choice was the day’s special, a pulled pork sandwich (£5), served in a seeded roll with barbecue sauce, coleslaw and dressed leaves. Pulled pork is the food de rigeur in Bristol, and this was among the best I have tasted, perhaps only bettered by the Grillstock BBQ Joint in St Nic’s Market.

Although pleasant, with cheerful and attentive service, the Knowle West Health Park Cafe is not worth a special detour, but it’s certainly a welcome addition to this area of Bristol.

Knowle West Health Park Cafe, Downton Road, Knowle West, Bristol, BS4 1WH