Patchy – Share My Bed

25 09 2012

If you saw a bed being carried around the streets of Bristol earlier this month, from Barton Hill to Brandon Hill, stopping off in Broadmead and getting chased out of Cabot Circus by security, then you can be confused no longer with the release of a new video from Bristol band Patchy for the song Share My Bed.

“We had an idea that the bed should be the main focal point of the video but were not not too sure of what would happen,” explains Jonathan Willington from the band.

“When we left the house with the film crew we still didn’t have a clear idea of what we were doing, just that hopefully some funny things would happen with the bed!

“As it happened we managed to squeeze it all in before the end of the day for the last shot with Steff, the singer, on top of Cabot Tower with the sunset in the background. We just about made it!”

Share My Bed is the second song released from Patchy’s debut album Barrow Road, available now on iTunes.