Help The Cube secure its future

24 10 2012

The Cube Microplex in Kingsdown is one of those places that would barely be deemed fathomable if invented today. It is a cinema and arts venue that used to be a Chinese social club, restaurant, glass recycling depot, illegal gambling den and theatre. It can get so cold in the winter months that its volunteer staff hand out blankets. It has a top secret recipe for its own cola.

After the Haitian earthquake of 2010, a group of Cube volunteers including Bafta-winning short film director Esther May Campbell travelled to the country to organise open air film screenings for children.

Now it is the Cube who need help as they look to buy the Dove Street South ramshackle collection of buildings in which they are housed from their private landlord as their 15-year lease is coming to an end.

£185,000 is the asking price for the building, which has most certainly seen better days, and the Cube have until December 31 2013 to raise the full amount.

“With ownership, the sum of the hard work carried out by volunteers will be directly invested in the building, equipment, programming, creative projects and education for our staff,” the Cube say in a statement. “It will enrich the experience of everyone who passes through the doors.

“We have plans for better access for those with restricted mobility, a larger bar/lounge area, improved toilets, restored cinema seats and residency space for visiting artists. Walls need breaking down, ceilings raising – out of the bunker into the light.”

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