The return of The Bristolian

7 03 2013

After an absence of three years, The Bristolian satirical news sheet is back.¬†Bristol’s “smiter of the high and mighty” was in 2005 runner-up in Private Eye’s Paul Foot award for campaigning and investigative journalism, but there is not much of that award-winning pedigree in this new issue.

George Ferguson and Zoe SearMud is slung at “public school twit” George Ferguson, former police chief Colin “Doughnut King” Port and “kow-towing journalists who write stories off the web from posh cafes in Clifton”.

The Bristolian’s raison d’etre is to “shine a light on the shadowy back room deals” in City Hall and the two best stories in Volume 4 Number 1 are about council employees.

New legal boss Liam Nevin is revealed to have sent a secretary to the County Court to represent the council at a hearing and being threatened with contempt of court if he did it again.

And council facilities manager Tony Harvey is accused of abusing his privileges by parking his car in the disabled spaces on the City Hall ramp.

Ferguson’s right hand woman Zoe Sear (above) comes in for particular ridicule, with thinly-veiled references to more than just a professional relationship with her boss; while Green Party councillor Gus Hoyt’s activities are satirised in Gus Hoyty-Toyty’s Cabinet Diary.

The Bristolian

The Bristolian is currently being distributed in shops, cafes and pubs across Bristol. Find them on Twitter at @BristolianNews and online at