We seem not to have written much about Totterdown yet on Bristol Culture.

Do you live in Totterdown? What are the best things going on there? What are its best pubs, cafes and shops? Please let us know by using the form below.

If we like your review, we’ll put it on the home page.

Totterdown pubs and barsBocabarThe Oxford

Totterdown restaurantsA Capella

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3 01 2011
Nose in a book

So much stuff in Totterdown, though you’ll have to write your own reviews (I really only do books). Great food at Star & Dove, Thali Cafe, A Capella and Assilah Bistro plus decent food at Asia Garden, Banco Lounge and probably newly opened Victoria Park (not tried it yet). Good shops include Fig. 1, Organique and Jack and Jill’s Toy Shop. Events that are awesome are the Totterdown Music Festival and Front Room Arts Trail but there’s also an endless chain of smaller events, mostly in Perrett Park and Victoria Park. Gigs almost every night at the Thunderbolt, including some big names in music and stand-up. Paintworks has a lot of events as does Arnos Vale Cemetary. That enough to tempt you over this way? 🙂

3 01 2011
Nose in a book

Oh, and forgot to mention that the Shakespeare is a great local pub with quizzes, DJs, poker nights and pool tournaments going on.

4 04 2012

Don’t forget the famous Totterdown Arts Trail every November but the area is packed with great talented artists, musians, designers, cinematographers, animators, ceramicists etc mixed in with an eclectic mix of all sorts of interesting characters. The Oxford is a great pub and since under the new management has some brill things going on, live music and gigs most nights, good people. The Star and Dove has superb food and Ales.. I love Totterdown, a village within a city where everyone knows your name.

15 11 2012
Hannah Oakman

There is a new cafe on the Wells Road – The Duchess of Totterdown – where they sell excellent home made cakes and cream teas, snacks and drinks. It’s a great little independent business which deserves all the local support it can get!

2 01 2013

Time for you to try the lovely Star & Dove!

7 03 2013

Dont forget the fantastic and beautiful Windmill Hill City Farm – its not officially Totterdown, but its only just across the park and has a great cafe, nursery, adventure playground, and farm animals and also runs lots of interesting courses and amazing events.

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