Hotwells cafesAndel’s – Clifton Cakes

Hotwells pubsThe Adam & EveThe Bag o’ Nails – The Grain BargeThe Nova Scotia – The Pump House

A water-themed pub crawl (including the following Hotwells watering holes: Nova Scotia, Pump House, Merchants Arms, Grain Barge, Mardyke, Spring Garden and the Rose of Denmark)

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9 07 2011

How can your journal be so sparse on one of Bristol’s most distinct communities ? Don’t worry. I’ll fill the gap, given some time. 🙂

2 02 2012
Sue Fenton

Hello, I stumbled across you while looking for information about the Spring Garden in Hotwells, as its website doesn’t seem to work. But while I’m on, can I just recommend the Merchant’s Arms? I don’t live in Bristol but I visit friends there and we’ve had some fab nights in The Merch with the quirky, intelligent, weird and funny clientele and the funny, friendly and extremely tolerant landlord, John the Landlord.
I did a blog page mentioning the place which might or might not be entertaining.

26 03 2012
Trevor George

Here’s some more information about Hotwells (and Cliftonwood) on a Facebook Page, dedicated to the area.


16 05 2012

Come back soon Sue. We miss you. Mind.

16 05 2012

is that you, Swifty? Do you mean me? Aw, thanks! Sorry to hear about the job – will you be able to get some freelance stuff?

16 05 2012

I’m also sorry to hear you leaving the Evening Post, Swifty. Hope you land on your feet. You could start a blog like this one – I was made redundant by Northcliffe three years’ ago! I’m sure there’s still a seat at the Mem with your name on it.

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