Review: Spector, Louisiana

February 25, 2012

Sometimes, a band is just completely right for the moment. At this moment, Spector are that band. With belting tunes reminiscent of a young Strokes and a refreshingly lighthearted attitude, Spector deserve to go far.

From talking about inflatable chairs to admitting being distracted by a Kings of Leon t-shirt in the front row of the crowd, there was never a dull moment in the between-song banter of frontman and ex-MTV presenter Fred Macpherson.

With a sound honed in an East London snooker club somewhere between Roxy Music and The Killers, Spector – originally named after the James Bond baddies, but then altering the spelling after the legendary but murderous producer – may not have even have released an album yet but thanks to an appearance on Later With Jools Holland and support slots with the likes of Florence & The Machine, many of their songs are already being sung right back at them.

Chevy Thunder, their best known single, was a particular highlight with Macpherson, joking that bands he likes always hold their best songs until towards the end of the set, holding the microphone into the enthusiastic crowd during the choruses.

The all-too-short 40-minute set, with no encore, started with What You Wanted, a punchy number and our first look at the five-piece band, all dressed in sharp suits, with Macpherson accessorising with Coke-bottle glasses.
Never Fade Away was more downtempo than most of Spector’s other frenetic songs, but got most of the crowd clapping in time.

While not quite describing their look, Grey Shirt and Tie was a good indication of Spector’s sound; while the first beats of Chevy Thunder was all that was needed to make the floor of the Louisiana shake with all the jumping fans.

Very much a band of the moment, Spector at the Louisiana is already a firm contender for 2012’s Bristol gig of the year.

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