Pub of the week: The Gallimaufry

21 03 2012

What’s in a name? Marathon is now Snickers. Opal Fruits are now Starburst. Whitelock & Grace on Whiteladies Road is now The Colour Inn. One of the owners of The Colour Inn has now opened The Gallimaufry on the Gloucester Road, and despite its unwieldy moniker, this bar in what used to be The Prom has aspirations to be a typically Bristol quirky watering hole.

‘Gallimaufry’ means making the best out of what’s available to you, and it is in the kitchen for which this new bar could become best known, with today being the first day a full menu is served following Sunday lunch last weekend on its second day of opening.

Head chef John Watson has joined from Casamia, and if Westbury-on-Trym’s Michelin-starred restaurant is not a fertile training ground before branching out from the shadow of the Sanchez-Iglesias brothers, then nothing is.

Sample dishes, with all mains costing under £10, include bubble and squeak; soft boiled egg and beetroot sauce; pork belly, radishes and apple; sausages with stewed lentils; and neck of lamb, courgettes and mint.

The dining area where Watson’s food will be served is situated in the corner room behind the bar, with exposed brickwork and reclaimed furniture, some of which is also positioned on the outside terrace.

Inside, The Gallimaufry is still very much a blank canvas, with an exhibition space in the “curios” area changing regularly and a mural by Dave Bain of woodland creatures playing musical instruments. The signpainting outside was done by graphic designer Jed Palmer, who last summer was responsible for Going Gone Gorilla on Queen Square.

As well as the curios, one other curious aspect here which works really well are old scaffolding planks used as a design feature on a few of the walls and behind the bar featuring Birra Moretti as the pick of the lagers, and Gem and Addlestones on the pumps, two of which remain tantalisingly unused.

Ignore the name. The Gallimaufry will make a name for itself regardless.

The Gallimaufry, 26-28 The Promenade, Gloucester Road, Bristol. 0117 942 7319.



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22 03 2012

Yes, but the Prom was always about music – and now its not! I believe there will be some acoustic sessions and DJs – but Bristol already has too few live music venues and it seems a real shame to have lost another one (and an iconic one at that). The food at the Gallimaufry sounds excellent but I feel real sadness at the loss of the Prom.

29 03 2012

I see your point, but it’s not actually true on the live music point – so many bars in the surrounding area didn’t do music 10 years ago, now it’s hard to find one that doesn’t.
Check the Blue Lagoon – now (almost) home to The Bones.. a regular Prom band, and I’m sure many more will be seen again on Glozzy Rd, if not close by.
There’s bands out there that started in the 80’s and will play into their 90’s.

30 04 2012

The tea and cake are really good, that’s a fact which cannot be denied.

Unfortunately, the two times I have been in there, the place has been full to bursting with complete twats, with twatty clothes, twatty hair, twatty girlfriends and boyfriends, loud twatty voices spouting twatty crap and twatty opinions. Two further twats playing twatty music combined to make this unbearable and I had to leave without finishing my tea and cake.

If you’re a twat, or like the company of twats, this place is for you. If you want to read and enjoy tea and cake on a cold and wet afternoon, go anywhere else but here.

Shame…. bloody twats!

30 06 2012
Travel Iron

From the crowds the place draws, I guess it’s very much a ‘Marmite’ love/hate thing.

Loved The Prom, gave the new place time, but after given it several goes, have now given it my last.

The Prom was always a friendly and laid back place, different age groups, with brilliant bar staff.

This place seems extremely cliquey and false.

6 06 2012
David Pajak

Yes, great shame the iconic Prom Music Bar has sold out to to all that pretentious rubbish and a daft name to match. It was always full of characterand real salt of the earth people who knew their music from way back. Just as much fun watching the people as the band. Designer old scaffolding planks and bubble and squeak – what a load of tosh!

6 06 2012

The Prom – gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.

13 07 2012

Where’s all the staff gone then? Perhaps they could open a ‘New Prom’? Always had a good time there.Good Bands/Good Beer/Good Staff/Good Company.Sadly missed!
Now I know why I haven’t had a band listing for the last few months!

23 08 2012

I think this thread is basically all the old cider heads who used to hang out in the prom. Give way to the new, this is a great new venture and the young and talented team deserve some respect.

24 08 2012

Yes, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. By the way, I’ll admit to being old but I don’t drink cider.

1 10 2012
Mr McT

I was a fairly regular visitor to the Prom but was always worried as to how long it could survive with music every night which, to put it mildly, was aimed at the more mature crowd – it was always a great atmosphere on weekends but the basic core couldn’t really be there every night of the week – we needed our pipe & slippers every now & then – but I wish the new venture all the best and I’m sure it will be a great addition to the always thriving Glos Rd!

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